The broken ones won't sprout, but the others will

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Here are some dry mung beans I got at an Indian grocery store for $1 a pound or so

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Efforts are already being made in Europe to rectify anyshortfall in traditional protein feed sources. This includes providingincentives for farmers within the European Union to expand their plantings ofsoybeans, field peas and beans to meet the increased vegetable proteinrequirements. A possible problem with this policy may be that increasedproduction of such crops could be counter to the Agenda 2000 reforms of theCommon Agricultural Policy. Under Agenda 2000, the European Union is harmonisingarea payments for oilseeds and grains over a three-year period. It is also veryuncertain how much soya the European Union could grow, particularly in northernlatitudes. In considering alternative protein sources, it is important thatgovernments and others appreciate the vital part that pastures and forage canplay in supplying ruminants with their protein needs (Merry .,2001). The purpose of recent research in Australia by Robinson and Singh (2001)was to evaluate alternative protein sources for laying hens. There was a concernover increasing soybean imports, and the realization that cultivation ofindigenous legumes (mung bean, chickpea and cowpea) and canola could reversethis trend and enable an increased level of self-sufficiency. Some legumes werefound to be very well suited to sub- tropical regions and showed considerablepromise as competitive sources of protein for livestock - in this case forpoultry production.