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Included with Komplete 11 and Komplete 11 Ultimate (and available separately), Form is Native Instruments' new "sample-tracking synthesizer".

In fact, I started when analog synthesizers were still being manufactured.

And that's just the start - Serum has so many deep and advanced features in its locker that we couldn't hope to cover them all here. We're not being overdramatic when we say that this is quite possibly the most sonically versatile synth we've ever used, and certainly one of the best sounding.

Arduino MIDI Synthesizer (Paul Halpin 2011) will be available on

Also provides online product documentation and Turbo Starts for many synths.

The presets do a good job of showing off what Zebra is capable of, but this is also a powerful sound design tool, and one that can prove to be seriously addictive. It isn’t strictly a beginners’ synth, but pretty much anyone should be able to get decent results with it.