The Synthesis of Methyl Red Lab Experiment - Odinity

In the hepatocytes, the immediate action is a rapid fall in cytoplasmic protein synthesis reaching 30% of control levels at 15 min and 6% at 1 h (Harris et al., 1969).

A Student Researched Lab Analysis about the Synthesis of Methyl Red using a two-step synthesis

4.2.3 Conversion to pyrrolic metabolites In laboratory animals, toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids are metabolized to pyrrolic derivatives, so-called because the unsaturated ring of the pyrrolizidine system loses 2 hydrogen atoms to form what is in effect a pyrrole ring (though the structure is more correctly a dihydropyrrolizidine).

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A qualitative field test for detecting the presence of toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids in plant materials, using simple laboratory methods, is now available (section