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Effectively managing risks and issues is key to crisis anticipation, detection and prevention. CS&A helps clients manage this process through assessments and the development of risk matrices, risk and issues registers and mitigating strategies and action plans. This also includes Market Intelligence, Stakeholder Mapping, Scenario Planning and other CS&A bespoke tools designed to help clients assess business impact and risk preparedness. For more details on CS&A’s services in risk and issues management, click HERE to get in touch.

A crisis management competency profile for individual crisis management team members

” The depth of experience and expertise of CS&A has allowed Michelin in Africa, India, and Middle East better navigate and be prepared for issues and crisis management. The customized approach CS&A provides to us is greatly appreciated as our region is one of extreme diversity. “

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Alan Jay Zaremba’ s new book “ Crisis Communication Theory & Practice “

Internal Communications, Corporate Culture And Crisis Prevention by Martin Light a partner of Aspect S.A., a communications management firm Question: How many people do you have on your crisis prevention team? Answer: As many employees as you have If this is true, then why does employee communication often only take priority after the event ..

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The results are represented in percentages of the desired optimal situation and in spider-grams, for the team as a whole as well as for individuals. The results and their graphic representation provide clients with: A clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of risk, issues and/or crisis management

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The ICONS Project, the training arm of the University of Maryland Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM), offers professional-level and executive training programs that incorporate multi-player, real-time simulation exercises. Initially developed for and applied to the academic and public sectors, CS&A is collaborating with ICONS to deliver simulations to the business and corporate environment. Combining CS&A’s hands-on practical risk and crisis management expertise with CIDCM’s academic insight, the ICONS simulation approach is ideally suited to help organizations practice the pre and post crisis phases as well as uncover opportunities to turn potentially negative situations into positive outcomes. The ICONS online tool is designed to address the potential escalation emerging from a risk or an issue as well as the lingering and long-term impacts of a crisis. As such, ICONS helps enhance crisis anticipation and prevention as well as mitigation and recovery. With the ICONS Tool you can broaden your perspective by taking into account stakeholder behaviour and as a result enhance your overall stakeholder management capability, manage issues and risks more proactively and improve your scenario planning skills. So, would you like to be ahead of the game?

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When facing escalating issues or acute adversity, having access to external expertise can be a valuable resource. CS&A’s high calibre team is available to clients for ad/hoc and/or regular consulting on risk, crisis and business continuity preparedness and management. Individual phone consultation and coaching as well as on-call services can be arranged to support clients in the pre-during and post crisis phases. For more information on CS&A’s consulting services, click HERE to get in touch.

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Learning From Real Stories Told by Real People. Management: Tales from the Front Line, a unique audiobook, takes a new approach to the topic of crisis communication and management by using storytelling to convey crisis management best practices. Caroline Sapriel and Dirk Lenaerts, managers of CS&A International, share case studies from around the world to illustrate each of their 10 “commandments” of effective crisis management. Ten chapters and 10 stories add up to 10 essential management lessons you won’t want to miss. Using real-life stories from the front lines, Sapriel and Lenaerts offer listeners valuable communication for a variety of scenario is. Sapriel and Lenaerts will guide listeners through 10 crisis management best practices, including: – Own up and communicate the problem early on. – Don’t try to make what is bad look good. – Always be prepared for the worst.