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Market: As modern information technologies relentlessly generate voluminous and complex data, algorithmic analytical tools with solid foundation in computer science, statistical theory and computer human interaction and communication have become indispensable to industry and society in general. This trend has created a strong surge in the demand of professional data scientists.

There is very high demand for professionals in data science in a variety of industry segments.

The Advisory Board of the Data Science Program will regularly review the structure and content of the program and the feedback received from assessments and surveys. These reviews will be used to provide the best possible education to students that meet current needs for professionals in data science.

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Essential data scientists skills include computational thinking, interactive data collection, pattern exploration, statistical analysis, summarization, visualization and sense making. One of the central goals is to create and integrate computerized tools that enhance decision making in social, scientific and economical endeavors aiming to improve citizens quality of life.

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Three main fields of design research are offered – Active Material Systems with Advanced Fabrication, Natural Ecological Systems Design (currently focused on shorelines and deltas), and Urban Metabolic Design (currently focused on algorithmic design for energetic models of new cities in emergent biomes). Students may choose one of the three fields, and will work in pairs. The Design Research Studio facilitates the development of a deeper understanding of emergence and its application to advanced production in architecture, urbanism and ecological engineering, while integrating theoretical discourses, science and the insights gained from experiments. It will develop the ability to analyse complex issues and to engage in independent research. The Design Research Studio concludes with the presentation of the fully developed Thesis/Dissertation proposal.

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d. Students with undergraduate degrees in Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and other Sciences with a GPA above 3.5 (out of 4) , may be considered for temporal admission and will be placed in undergraduate bridge classes on Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Bases, Operating Systems and Computer Architecture. After successful completion of these remedial classes (with a grade of B or better) they will be granted full admission into the MSDS Program.

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The UND Space Studies degrees are your best choice when preparing for a career in the space industry. Our Master of Science and Ph.D. programs are multi-disciplinary and include disciplines such as planetary science, space engineering, life support systems, space policy and law, space history and space-related aspects of business and management. Unlike a typical aerospace engineering degree, the Space Studies degrees provide the student with the broader background necessary to understand the linkages between engineering, space science, and policy.