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Heritage Managemant: Dicovery point in Dundee
An individual report
Coursework Aim: to demonstrate an understanding of the ethical, physical and operational issues involved in heritage Management.
Coursework brief: critically evaluate a heritage attraction (Dicovery point at Dunndee) with reference to:
1. Explain the importance of ethics i heritage management
2. Critically evaluate different forms of heritage interpretation-technology and the postmodern visitor.
3. appraise goverment legislation and public relating to heritage management
4. Evaluate particular heritage visitor conservation
5. Design plans for managing the conservation, promotion and public enjoyment of heritage assets.

The style of conflict management quiz tells me that I have the ‘orange’ conflict style.

When we talk about talent management, we often identify the work that organizations take on to develop and ensure availability of the skillsets and capabilities that they need to thrive in the future. That is all well and good in ensuring the organization has the competencies it requires. In this day and age, however, we all need to be responsible for our own talent management. We need to be identifying and building our own talents to ensure we are positioned for the roles we want in order to succeed and thrive. This webinar provides you with the grounding and guidance to manage your own talents, and take charge of your own career.

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As a senior member, conflict management has been one of the most challenging aspects for me.

Is the term “talent management” a management theory or practical reality? This two-part series takes a practical look at four primary elements from a common definition of talent management. Up first: recruit and retain.

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Your final report should be in the format of a management report. Detailed guidelines on how to write a management report for this assignment are provided in the Appendix.

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Project management has never been a more important skill set, but is that a bad thing? As more people become accustomed to something, so the appreciation for it diminishes. The problem with that is that it devalues the abilities highly skilled PMs bring to the table, and that’s something we need to address.

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Master's thesis. Strategic management. Does part-time work make employees more efficient? Importance of context in assessing flexible work arrangements.

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Thesis on Management. Mar 2009. Introduction The direction of the economy is truly challenging ahead. As we evolve gracefully from new economy to

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Thesis on Management. Mar 2009. Introduction The direction of the economy is truly challenging ahead. As we evolve gracefully from new economy to

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The thesis projects are part of MIT's supply chain degree program. Learn how they give students a chance to conceive and execute independent research.