Widespread Prepayment Probe for Lower Limb Prostheses.

Lower limb prosthesis (LLP): A device that substitutes for a missing lower extremity (leg). This review is concerned with prostheses that replace the lower extremity after amputation at the hip, above the knee, below the knee, or above the ankle. It does not address "minor" prostheses of portions of the foot only. In addition it does not include implanted prostheses (that are permanently attached to a bone) or orthotic devices (a device used to support or align a joint or body part as opposed to replacing a missing body part).

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Results of Widespread Prepayment Probe for Lower Limb Prostheses.

Lower Limb Prosthetics Introduction and Definitions.

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Recent technological advances have allowed the Vanderbilt engineers to produce a device that weighs about nine pounds – less than most human lower legs – and can operate for three days of normal activity, or 13 to 14 kilometers of continuous walking, on a single charge. They have also dramatically reduced the amount of noise that the latest model makes, although it is slightly louder than they would like.

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Studies have shown that users equipped with the lower-limb prostheses with powered knee and heel joints naturally walk faster with decreased hip effort while expending less energy than when they are using passive prostheses.

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There are seven basic prosthetic options to consider for the person with a lower extremity amputation:

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