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With appropriate humility and please understand, in practical terms, in your life, who cares about the planet earth being the center of the universe?

Upper extremity artificial limbs deals with the prosthetic fitting of upper limb amputations.

was boadcasted to an initial audience of CCTV of China (CCTV is the largest TV Network on planet earth with 60 stations and an average audience of 500 million people) sent a film crew to the home of the discoverer of the Triangle of Life, Doug Copp, to film this feature program; because, doug was too sick from his 911 injuries, to travel.

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Thus, the Triangle of Life survival program advises people in their homes to crouch as low as possible next to large bulky non-compressible objects with low centers of gravity (that will not topple over).

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We can assure you that survival is really that simple! Good News, Regardless, it shows a feeble mind and a feeble logic to go after a fundamental principle of nature like gravity and ' the triangle of life' by attacking the messenger to avoid dealing with the issue or the truth.

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However, the best source of information about the Triangle of Life is this website, and there are two problems with the messages that are being circulated.

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Back on a positive note: an email from David Pottier to a Turkish Publication.....After the recent quake in Izmit, MyMerhaba staffers (US Embassey in Turkey) posted an article on Earthquake Preparedness read below and see that they changed it to agree with the 'triangle of life'One statement in that article really stuck out.

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Now she can enjoy a normal life with the blessing she received from God to form a Christian home with the support and admiration of those who know her." ARTI is in the process of contacting these witnesses to videotape their testimonials.

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“The CPO practitioners treated me like a family member, and brought my limping life back to normalcy. I am very sure that with the present expertise and hospitality, team CPO will be able to help many people and bring smiles in their life.”

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“All my chirpiness vanished when I lost my leg. The CPO practitioners brought my smile back by their dedicated professional approach. Now, I am happily married… Kudos to the team for bringing my life from taking hop-steps to jumping with joy!”