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Simultaneously submitted collaborative proposals and proposals that include subawards are a single unified project and should include only one supplemental combined Data Management Plan, regardless of the number of non-lead collaborative proposals or subawards included.

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The Project Description must contain, as a separate section within the narrative, a section labeled "Broader Impacts". his section should provide a discussion of the broader impacts of the proposed activities. Broader impacts may be accomplished through the research itself, through the activities that are directly related to specific research projects, or through activities that are supported by, but are complementary to the project. NSF values the advancement of scientific knowledge and activities that contribute to the achievement of societally relevant outcomes. Such outcomes include, but are not limited to: full participation of women, persons with disabilities, and underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); improved STEM education and educator development at any level; increased public scientific literacy and public engagement with science and technology; improved well-being of individuals in society; development of a diverse, globally competitive STEM workforce; increased partnerships between academia, industry, and others; improved national security; increased economic competitiveness of the US; and enhanced infrastructure for research and education.

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The PMI Sponsored Research Program supports new academic research with the intent to advance knowledge in project, program and portfolio management…

Coordination of the various work-packages is conducted on a regular basis through special meetings, teleconferences, and a Knowledge Tree/Twiki system. An all-hands major project meeting is held face-to-face every six months, followed by more topical minor project meetings every three months. Less formal meetings are held amongst the work package groups on a biweekly basis and at the discretion of the managers.

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The Management Coordination Group meets on a weekly basis by teleconference to review management issues, and the Project Office meets weekly by teleconference to ensure that the efforts are well coordinated. The Technical Advisory Committee reviews the project at roughly six month intervals.

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is an Assistant Professor at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). She has been a visiting researcher at Harvard University (Boston), at the University of Cambridge (U.K.) and at the National University of Singapore. She is/has been a guest professor at various universities worldwide. Sabrina’s research focuses primarily on knowledge visualization, digital communication, inter-cultural management communication, and (social) entrepreneurship. Her research papers received the best paper award from the International Conference of Information Visualization in 2010 and in2013, Best paper proceedings at theAcademy of Management Meeting 2015, and the Carolyn Dexter Award nomination at the Academy of Management Meeting 2011. She lived in seven countries and travelled extensivelly in all continents. She is the founder and president of Kolour, a social enterprise operating with disabled people in India. [


is a lecturer at Kingston Business School (UK). Previosly she was a researcher at Aalto University (Finland) and a visiting Researcher at the Design Innovation Research Centre, University of Reading, where she conducted a research project on "Visual Objects and Practices in Inter-Organizational Teamwork", funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). Alice completed her PhD in Communication Sciences at the University of Lugano (USI), Switzerland, where she has also received her MSc in Communication and Economics with the mention summa cum laude (2008). During her doctoral studies, she has been a Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge (2008) and at the Institute for Media and Communications Management, University of St. Gallen (2010). Her professional background includes a Teaching Assistantship at the Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (USI), a Public Relations internship at the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (RSI), and consulting projects for pharmaceutical companies such as Pharmaton (Boehringer Ingelheim) []