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Explain what is meant by "coupled reactions" and describe how exergonic
reactions can be used to push or pull endergonic reactions in order to get them
to proceed.

An endergonic reaction is a chemical reaction that absorbs energy in the form of work.

These reactions dont proceed
spontaneously in the direction concentartions of all reactants and products.

Since the sign of a standrad free-energy change is negative, the conversion of
glucose 1-phosphate to glucose 6-phosphate is an exergonic process.

Is photosynthesis endergonic or exergonic?

For example, on its own the reaction may be too endergonic to occur ...

of reaction, with the ATP decomposition supplying the free energy needed to make an endergonic reaction occur, is so common in cell biochemistry that ATP is often called the "universal energy currency ...

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The glycolytic pathway is an arrangement of these kinds of
coupled reactions, where exergonic steps push or pull endergonic steps, with the
favorable net free energy change of the steps taken together, allowing the
series of reactions to go on.