Audits are usually done on an annual basis.

However, I suspect the real reason is because that the big audit firms are run by unscrupulous individuals who are unprincipled, unethical, not regulated and charge ridiculously high fees simply to earn as earn as much money as possible at the expense of the companies that employ them – knowing that the shareholders are helpless to stop them.”
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Please use proper references and references that could be accessed online.“In recent years the importance of good corporate governance in public companies in the UK and USA has been the subject of much commentary, regulation and legislation” What is the participant talking about when they refer to ‘corporate governance’? Is what they are saying true?

Auditing always changed to meet the needs of the business environment of that day.

In this paper, I will state the functions of auditing, the nature of auditing, how the standards apply to financial, operational, and compliance audits, and some other items that pertain to auditing in general.

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Many public companies seem to be in a ‘no – win’ situation with regard to the audit function, in that they often pay millions of pounds a year to finance an internal audit department, and then pay further millions to external auditors for the audit of their annual financial statements.

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Paul has been course principal for the RQA GCP auditing course for seventeen years, and was a tutor on the course for a number of years before this. He gained RQA’s Diploma in Research Quality Assurance in 1998 and is a Fellow of the Association. Paul is the chair of the Audit Working Party, a subgroup of the EFGCP, and has held this role since 2005. He is a member of the EFGCP Board and an invited member of the MHRA Stakeholder Engagement Meeting.

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Perhaps the most spectacular of these was the Enron-Andersen scandal which saw the collapse of auditing giant Arthur Andersen and sent tremors throughout the auditing industry.

Technology Use in Internal Auditing

Paul previously worked for twelve years at Amgen Ltd, most recently as Director of Intelligence and Inspections, and Regional Head of Clinical Auditing. In former years, Paul worked in a GCP auditing capacity with the Wellcome Foundation and with Glaxo. From the beginning, he led the facilitation of many regulatory inspections, both in-house and in the field in Europe, USA and Africa. He also has several years’ previous experience in QA of manufacturing with Serono Diagnostics. His first healthcare role was in 1979 with Amersham International.

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Paul Strickland founded Strickland Quality Assurance Ltd, a QA consultancy capitalising on his 25 years of experience in Clinical Quality Assurance. As a consultant he has audited across the world, for organisations of all sizes. He has also given GCP training and refresher courses, inspection preparation guidance and support during the inspections themselves.

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According to a researcher at Economic Modeling Specialists International, Auditor is the second most demanded professions in most of the countries in the world (Berita Satu, 2012).