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These results suggest that the 40% ethanol extract of mangosteen has potent inhibitory activities of both histamine release and prostaglandin E2 synthesis.

T1 - Inhibition and stimulation of prostaglandin synthesis in isolated rat glomeruli

AB - Prostaglandin E (PGE) has several effects on glucose homoeostasis and insulin secretion. The same events can be induced by alpha-adrenergic stimulation, which is known to stimulate PGE synthesis. To evaluate the hypothesis that PGE may be one intracellular mediator for certain alpha-adrenergic events, we examined the effects of a known PG synthesis inhibitor Sodium salicylate (SS) (40 mg/min iv) on the alpha-adrenergic effects of epinephrine (Epi) at two doses (3 and 6 micrograms/min) in normal male subjects. The lower dose of epinephrine diminished the acute insulin response (AIR) after a 20-g intravenous glucose pulse (control, 463 +/- 149; epinephrine, 97 +/- 38% of basal insulin, mean +/- SE, n = 6, P

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AB - Results from animal research suggest that pretreatment with prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors (PGSIs) may inhibit physiological and behavioral effects of moderate ethanol ingestion. We examined the effects of ethanol and pentobarbital in humans with and without pretreatment with indomethacin, a potent PGSI. Ten male subjects with histories of recreational use of ethanol and sedative/hypnotics participated in this inpatient study. The effects of indomethacin alone (0.66 mg/kg), indomethacin (0, 0.17, 0.33, 0.66 and 1.33 mg/kg) in combination with ethanol (0 and 1 g/kg) and indomethacin (0 and 0.66 mg/kg) in combination with pentobarbital (0. 1.33 and 4 mg/kg) were tested. On test days, subjects swallowed capsules containing indomethacin or placebo. One hour later, they swallowed capsules that contained pentobarbital or placebo and a large drink (500 ml) of tonic water that contained ethanol or placebo(tonic water with 2 ml of ethanol floated on top). Both ethanol and pentobarbital affected subjective ratings, performance measures and heart rate. However, indomethacin pretreatment had no influence on, drug-induced changes to ethanol and pentobarbital. The results lot this study illustrate the relationship between depressant drugs and human performance, but they do not support the hypothesis that inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis diminishes the effects of ethanol and pentobarbital in humans.

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Studies were performed to determine the effect of decreased endogenous release of renal prostaglandins on urinary sodium excretion. Two structurally dissimilar inhibitors of prostaglandin synthesis were employed, and studies were performed in conscious dogs allowed to recover from prior surgical instrumentation. Either meclofenamate (2 mg/kg) or the competitive prostaglandin inhibitor RO 20-5720 (1 mg/kg) was given to seven unanesthetized dogs undergoing a water diuresis. The administration of either prostaglandin inhibitor did not alter glomerular filtration rate, renal plasma flow, urinary volume, or potassium excretion. Sodium excretion, however, increased from 32 to 130 mueq/min (P less than 0.02). Essentially, the entire increase in sodium excretion was due to an increase in urinary sodium concentration from 7.7 to 28.3 meq/liter (P less than 0.02). On a different day, the same animals were studied before and after administration of the diluent of the prostaglandin inhibitor. No change was noted in sodium excretion or any other parameter. Thus, these findings suggest that prostaglandin inhibition in the conscious dog is associated with a natriuresis without a change in urinary volume or potassium excretion during water diuresis. This may indicate that the natruiresis was due to diminished sodium reabsorption beyond the distal tubule.

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Prostaglandins have both positive and negative effects on reproduction; they are used to synchronize estrus, induce parturition, and treat retained placenta, luteinized cysts, and chronic endometritis.

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