The Secret of the Ankh is a pathway into the Mystery Systems

Where as Dr. Beatty has guided me that phonetically that I have a problem because of the difference of the pronouncement of A sound in Ankh and the I/A of Amen/Amenet. At any rate, I should be able to continue with my Thesis because we have not heard the Ankh nor Amen/Imen pronounced in 1,000 years by an African native to the Mdu Ntr. It can very well be pronounced as NKH with the A silent. Additionally, the symbolic evidence is even more plausible. Also we see in the ANKH that water/nile /wave glyph that gives the N sound is also part of Nun/Nunet and even part of Amen/Imn. In addition, I have not found yet a Glyph that represents the A sound in ANKH. I have always seen it having the Ankh symbol and with the N sound and the KH sound. So there is at this point no proof that the symbol is pronounced the way we pronounce it.

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(5) If we return to the Ogdoad, the eight pairs are Amen Amenet, Nun, Nunuet, Kek, Kekhet, and Heh, Hehet. My theory is that the symbol took the names of the Ogdoad into consideration for its pronunciation. One must remember first that the Mdu Ntr is in fact the Sacred Words of the Ntrs. So there must be some root words are sounds that were used in the beginning and will continue to be used for words describing creation.

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(7) I understand that there is controversy of me creating the mnemonic ANKH to represent the Khemennu (The Primordial Eight). However, in Nile Valley Cosmology it is in fact the Eight that created life. So the mnemonics do not take away from this concept even though their is no prove that the Nile Valley Africans thought this way but we can be sure the Ankh symbol is written with the water sign (N) and the (KH) – whether this meant waves and particles is another thing. This is my Theory.

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If the Ancient People of Kemet did not want the common people to understand the laws of order, “Ma’at” – they simply would not have written it down on everything they could. There are few who claim that they belong to some Mystery System and then act as if this is some special preserve. The people of Kemet said otherwise, they said things such as, “If you are a leader and command many, strive for excellence in all that you do so no fault can be found in your character”. For Maat is Great; its value is lasting and it has remained unequal and unchanged since the time of the Creator

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At this time – I will not touch my original theses until I publish my work – I hope that these satisfies initial criticism and those that want to criticize I find have not read enough primary sources to rule out anything that I am saying for the Nile Valley African often renews or make better their thoughts in later text to cure what was hidden in earlier text. So the Khemenu Cosmology was made better later.

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Let us return to Imn (Amun,Amen,Amon). In Laird Scranton’s book, The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol he looks at Imn from a symbolic view. On page 85. he says that Imn is “that which weaves waves into particles from a place hidden from interference.

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Up until June of 2011, I have always considered the Ankh an Egyptian or Kemetic Symbol and had decoded it using the cosmology of the Egyptians. However, Anna-Mari Pieterse from South Africa – who has read my work – directed me to look at the work of Michael Tellinger. His discoveries in South Africa show that the mysteries in Kemet began deep in Africa.