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...has a recipe for macceroni alla napolitana, in which the pasta is boiled in a meat broth in whichtomatoes have been cooked...The recipe for macceroni alla napolitana is not a tomato sauce.

Serves 4.

Before adding tomato puree to this sauce it is advisable to spread the required quantity on atray and to cook it in the oven until it turns a light brown colour.

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of flour; when this iscooked, moistened with the Stock; stir over the fire with a wooden spoon till boiling, and simmerfor two hours on the stove corner, with the stewpan only three parts closed; skim, and take off thefat twice during that time; and the end of the two hours, skim, and free the sauce from fat oncemore; strain it through a tammy cloth; and put by for use.

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Decorate with some of the same meringue using a piping bag andtube; place in a very hot oven to cook and colour the meringue rapidly but without the heatpenetrating to the ice inside."
---, Escoffier 1903, The firsttranslation into English by H.L.

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49) [NOTE: We own the original French text, if you question the translation.][1963]
"Sauces are the splendor and glory of French cooking...For while the roster of French sauces is stupendous, the individual sauces divide themselves into a half a dozen definite groups and each one in a particular group is amde in the same general way...
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White Sauces: These stem from the two cousins, bechamel and veloute.

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A dessert consisting of sponge cake and ice cream covered with meringue, cooked in a hot oven for a very short time so that the ice cream does not melt (usu.

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I once knewa man in Florence who wagered that he could eat two pounds of pasta al pesto--six ounces in a generous portion for the averageman --after a normal dinner.

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In making a roux for cooking gravies or smothering meats, the proportions are onetablespoonful of lardand two of flour, butter always making a richer gravy than lard, and sometimes being too rich fordelicatestomachs.

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He is describing a documented process which was published in the 19th century as "bechamel ancienne.""A the seventeenth century was a very complicated sauce which contained a numberof vegetables and wines as well as old hens and old partridges, and after being strained severaltimes was finished with reduced cream and cooked in the oven.