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NBB495BW Honors Research - Open only to seniors in the Honors Program who have completed 495A. NBB495BW students will attend regular meetings with other students in NBB495, report on progress, write and defend a thesis, and present a poster in the NBB symposium at the end of the spring semester. Eight credits of NBB499R or NBB495 can count as 2 electives for the NBB major

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Our first writing assignment in class was a summary of a NYT article. My work on this assignment clearly demonstrates the how my thoughtfulness and consideration began to transform throughout the course. While writing the , I spent about 40 minutes trying to write a perfect analysis, which was far too long considering I only needed to write about four sentences. The second draft, on the other hand, my first not only took less time, but as I wrote it I also had the opportunity to replace my tedious mental work with critical thinking by examining the article for both the obvious and the unstated objectives.

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Reflecting on my positive experience in WRD103, I can easily see how I’ve grown both as a writer and a thinker. My development does not stop here though. During the past ten weeks I have just taken the first steps as an intellectually engaged writer; as I continue to write, whether for academic essays, musical reflections, or personal thinking, the qualities of writing I’ve developed will continue to grow and influence my thoughts. Writing in WRD103 is only the beginning of what I hope to be a fantastic experience for the development my personal ideas and educational aspirations.