Is being an honors student really worth it

HNRS 2073 Honors Colloquium, (0 credit, no cost), required each fall and spring semester
Honors I Seminar, required first fall semester of entering program
HNRS 2373 Honors Seminar, fall/spring
HNRS 3373 Honors Seminar, upper level requiring special approval, fall/spring
HNRS 4393 Honors Senior Capstone, fall and spring (requires completion of a prior to enrollment)

To be awarded to a Junior or Senior student who is writing an honors thesis

The College of Liberal Arts encourages qualified majors to participate in its Honors Program, which is designed for academically talented high school graduates who have distinguished secondary school records (top 10%) and high scores on achievement tests (1250 SAT or 28 ACT). Students may also become Honors eligible once they establish a Texas A&M GPA of at least 3.5.

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We act with integrity and honesty. We seek to be just and fair to others. We do what is right, admit our mistakes and learn from them.

Students accepted into the program take courses that foster an interdisciplinary outlook characteristic of the Liberal Arts and that synthesize knowledge from other courses. Participants work in small classes with some of the most distinguished faculty at Texas A&M University. Students develop their own interests and have the option to write an honors thesis under the direct supervision of a professor with whom they have chosen to work. For information about Texas A&M Honors Program and Fellows Program (i.e., the senior thesis), see the website. Individual departments may have their own Honors program for their majors.