Execution Timesfor the Various Heuristics

The change was understandable since MRIs do not expose patients to dangerous radiation: “nuclear” was in the original name because basic research on the atomic nucleus led to the development of MRIs.

The data was analysed and interpreted using Moustakas’ (1990) process.

The damper was designed using virtual engineering through Computer Aided Design and simulation of the dashpot was done using the ANSYS Structural software.

This study was conducted in two general stages of the tool.

The research identifies three distinct themes, Connection, Transcendence/Mystical, and Definition.

To make this research more policy oriented a cost effective design of noise barrier is proposed to mitigate the effects of ambient noise on activities near the study area.

Given the current state of psychiatric neuroimaging research, Ms.

This paper provides an efficient, biologicallyinspired metaheuristic MGA method that can concurrently create multiple solution alternatives that simultaneously satisfy the required system performance criteria and are maximally different in the decision space.

Second harmonic generation (SHG) measurement shows the NLO property.

The failure to account for defendants’ mental retardation in the context of statutory rape provides just one example of the theoretical and constitutional problems when criminal law disregards people who cannot comprehend the significance of their conduct.

One of the methods of the treatment is constructed wetland.

Defense counsel's right to proffer neuroimaging evidence is strongest when the defendant's fundamental rights are implicated: for example, in establishing competency to stand trial or to waive certain rights sufficient to comport with Due Process, or in capital sentencing determinations as a mitigating factor pursuant to the Eighth Amendment.

Current neuroscience research presents a challenge to these claims.

These alternatives should possess near-optimal objective measures with respect to all known modelled objective(s), but be fundamentally different from each other in terms of the system structures characterized by their decision variables.

Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals and the Local Construction of Reliability

There are invariably unmodelled design issues, not apparent during model construction, which can greatly impact the acceptability of any model's solutions.

Heuristic Research: A Review and Critique of Moustakas…

But social science research has demonstrated that most defendants with mental retardation are unlike their peers of average intelligence in their cognitive and behavioral capacity, a difference with profound effects on their blameworthiness.