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The Depression also legitimized the economic theories of British economist John Maynard Keynes, who argued that, if private investment failed to produce full employment, the state must initiate public investment through deficit spending to create jobs. Keynes's ideas influenced the National Employment Commission report (1938) and the report of the Royal Commission on (1940). The latter was important in generating the idea of from Ottawa to the provinces.

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I do not see how the 2008 election can be comparable to the argument related Smoot-Hawley for a couple of reasons. Rustici seems to be saying that the depression was not related to a general overvaluing of the stock-market or other asset price. It was related to the international effect of the potential and eventual passage of S-H causing a collapse in foreign demand for US products. The devaluing of real-estate had been occurring since mid to late 2007... hardly plausible to relate this to the potential of Obama's presidency. I know of very few people that argue that some kind of major financial restructuring was avoidable at the time of Obama's lock on the presidency.

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United Dumbo was released in 1941 at the tail end of The Great Depression.

The more I hear about Hoover, the greater my respect for him. He anticipated problems. He had activist solutions for them. Which puts him front & center as an example of why non-market solutions are not optimal and will probably have unintended consequences and failure,.... even if one is as prescient as Hoover.

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The Great Depression: A Brief Retrospective economic declines of the 20th century was the Great Depression.

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Depression is not only a state together to support and guide the people who are suffering.
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