Graduate Studies Master’s Thesis/Project Writing Workshop Series

Carson Medley, Thesis Editor and Advisor for , Chico Graduate Studies, presents a series of extensive writing workshops for master’s degree candidates who plan on writing a master’s thesis or project. The workshop series addresses specific components of the master’s thesis and projects as well as general writing and organizational strategies. The workshops cover all aspects of academic writing and research and can benefit all students, regardless of academic discipline.

Project: The term graduate project is used to describe a piece of original, creative work such as:

Welcome to the Office of Graduate Studies! Our office is here to assist you throughout your graduate journey, from application to graduation. Please contact us with any questions you may have about the admission process, the university's policies and procedures, theses, projects and dissertations, and commencement day. We also coordinate a number of fellowships and grants for those considering doctoral studies, as well as research and travel opportunities. Please take advantage of the resources available as you pursue your academic and career goals.

Thesis / Graduate Project - eDocs

Thesis, Project, or Comprehensive Exam? Masters candidates must complete a graduate thesis, project or pass the comprehensive examination. The thesis is research-oriented and is helpful for students who wish to pursue a doctoral degree. The project is an applied endeavor that results in a product useful to the candidate and other educators. The comprehensive examination assess a candidate's understanding of the issues introduced in the program and is generally the most expedient project.