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Whereas ir-ACTH and ir-βEP synthesis in and release from the anterior pituitary are under complex negative feedback glucocorticoid control, there exists a mineralocorticoid-specific effect on neuro-intermediate lobe content of ir-βEP.

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Based on normal cortisol production rates the recommended daily doses of hydrocortisone equivalent for different categories of surgery are:
If the patients maintenance dose exceeds recommended dose to cover surgicalstress there is no evidence that any dose alteration is necessary and patientshould continue to receive maintenance dose over the perioperative period.In the case of perioperative complications continued glucocorticoidadministration consistent with the postoperative stress response is appropriateLaurence DR, Bennett PN.

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28/05/2009 · What's the difference between a glucocorticoid and a mineralocorticoid in terms of when one is used as opposed to the other (eg