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The Vascutek Thoraflex hybrid prosthesis represents a valuable graft for the treatment of patients with extensive diseases of the thoracic aorta. In particular, the proximal 4-branched graft can be appreciated for its sewing collar, which facilitates and reinforces the distal anastomosis, and allows for a separate reconstruction of the arch vessels. This may be relevant when their origins are distant from one another, and in patients with connective diseases or severe calcifications and/or clots at the proximal portions of the arch vessels for whom a radical aortic resection may be needed.

Class 2 Device Recall Gelweave (TM) Vascular Prostheses

The device is fully gelatin sealed and comprises a woven polyester proximal Gelweave™ Siena arch graft pre-sewn to a distal stent. This ensures easier and safer anastomosis of the prosthesis to the aorta reducing the haemodynamic traction on the anastomosis2

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Prior to implant, the gelatin sealed prosthesis can be loaded with heparin and/or bonded with antibiotics in accordance with the product's Instructions for Use* 3,4,5