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In conventional PD, the controller is a simple linear controller with two fixed gain parameters; in contrast the fuzzy PD controller is a nonlinear controller.

The present model is proposed with the fuzzy logic controller for better performance.

The proposed models have been validated with existence ofpopular models as well as with design code provisions.

Key words: Shear strength, genetic programming, fuzzy rule, shear span to depth ratio (a/d).

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The basic steps that needed for tracking performance of the fuzzy PD controller are discussed.

The effectiveness of the proposed schemes is confirmed by simulation using MATLAB/SIMULINK implementation and experimental validation.

Key words: AC motor drives, adaptive observer, fuzzy logic, induction motor (IM) drives, three-level inverter, torque control

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In the diagnosis of retinal images, the significant part is separated out from the rest of the image using improved adaptive fuzzy C means algorithm and Integer multi wavelet transform is applied to enhance the visual quality in significant part.

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Finally, fractional order Darwinian PSO along with neighbourhood Fuzzy C-means and partial differential equation based level set method is an effective image segmentation technique to study the intricate contours.

Key words: Darwinian PSO (DPSO), Fuzzy C-means (FCM), FCM neighbourhood (FCMN), Fractional Order DPSO (FO-DPSO), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO),

[1] Gonzalez, Woods, and Eddins, Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, Prentice Hall 2004.
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In the another Scheme a large 3phase converter controlled DG is placed that only supplies reactive power, and fuzzy logic controller is used for controlling of dc Voltage The effectiveness of controllers has be tested using Matlab/Simulink software.

Key words: Micro Grid, Fuzzy, D-statcom, Power quality, Harmonics.

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The empirical results reveal that the proposed approach is effective.

Index Terms: Biometric features, biometric systems, multibiometrics, fuzzy vault, fuzzy commitment.

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This paper concentrates on power quality improvement in the utility grid con-nected system using Fuzzy Logic controller, The unbalance in the system is compensated using compensating device such as D-statcom, The problem in the single phase system cause due to Non-Linear loads and un-balanced loads and due to source like PV (Photo voltaic cells ) and FC(Fuel Cells).