The Real Frank Zappa Book - pierroule

When someone writes a piece of music, what he or she puts on the paper is roughly the equivalent of arecipe -- in the sense that the recipe is not the food, only instructions for the preparation of the food.Unless you are very weird, you don't eat the recipe.

Understanding Understanding - ASCD

The blacklist wasn't just the one piece of paper. It was a stack a couple of inches thick, and included allthe corresponding FCC documents (it appeared that they were helping to implement the restraints -- in violation oftheir charter) -- and she was going to write an article about it for It never appeared. I don'tknow where she is. I don't know what happened to the blacklist. Three other journalists were sitting in the roomwhen she came in -- a guy from and two women from -- and the list was shown tothem. She thought she had a scoop, and she wasn't going to show the whole batch of documents to everybody, but afew of the people there saw it, as I did, and said,

Understanding by Design, Expanded 2nd Edition

It's the instructor's job to make you learn how to do all the stuff in those books. To get a grade, you mustwrite exercises proving that you are capable of accommodating the entertainment needs of deceased kings and popes,and, after you've it, you get a piece of paper that says you're a Is thatnauseating or what?