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The words are: ponto/period, vírgula/comma, ponto do exclamation/exclamation point, marca de pergunta/question mark, parêntese/apostrophe, marcas de citaçao/quotation marks, hífen/hyphen, parentesi/parenthesis, dois-pont/colon, ponto-e-vírgulaos/semicolon.

If your equation has fractional exponents or roots be sure to enclose the fractions in parentheses

This may mean using the Distributive Property to remove parentheses, or multiplying both sides of an equation by a common denominator to get rid of fractions.

Multiply Fractions by Fractions Year 6 Fractions …

Once we multiply each term inside the parentheses by 8, both the parentheses and the fractions will disappear.

What that means is that when a number multiplies an expression inside parentheses, we can distribute the multiplication to each term of the expression individually.