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The “area of honors” approval comes from the appropriate honors adviser. This approval is vital because it's the University's formal statement that the thesis project you propose represents adequate accomplishment in a given field, not just as an isolated piece of work. If you propose as your area of honors a minor or graduate program that does not have an honors adviser listed on the or honors adviser lists, contact .

Relates the proposed project to specific questions and areas of inquiry within the field.

Master of hotels and what is based on deisgning recreational tourist resort, gurara falls: resort design thesis: the proposed field of architecture into the design.

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The Field Proposal (5-7 pages)

The goal of this project is to investigate the excavation process in order to derive an improved draghead model. The research should start with the cross-validation of the existing models using the most recent field data. Next, the main objective will be to derive more accurate model for the draghead which incorporates the latest technological advances in the field. The new model should cope with the operating modes that were previously omitted in modeling due to insufficient knowledge or lack of appropriate data. The project is in cooperation with for obtaining data and to do experiments.

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There are two separate panels convened for an Ideas Lab: a selection panel and an Ideas Lab panel. The role of the selection panel is to provide advice on the selection of participants. The role of the Ideas Lab panel is to provide an assessment of the project ideas developed during the Ideas Lab. The individuals selected to participate in each of these panels are subject matter experts for the specific topic of the Ideas Lab. All panelists are barred from receiving any research funding through, or in any other way collaborating on, the particular Ideas Lab in which they are involved.

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"Ideas Lab" is a type of proposal to support the development and implementation of creative and innovative project ideas that have the potential to transform research paradigms and/or solve intractable problems. An Ideas Lab may be run independently, or in parallel, with the issuance of an NSF funding opportunity on the same topic. These project ideas typically will be high-risk/high-impact, as they represent new and unproven ideas, approaches and/or technologies. This mechanism was developed collaboratively within NSF, modeled on the "sandpit" workshops that are a key component of the United Kingdom Research Council’s "IDEAs Factory" program.

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Supplemental funding requests to add GOALI elements to a currently funded NSF research project should be submitted by using the "Supplemental Funding Request" function in FastLane. Such requests should include a brief description of the proposed activity, a budget and a budget justification, in addition to items (iii)-(v) above. At least one industrial participant must be included in the GOALI activity and must be specified in the GOALI-Industrial PI Confirmation Letter. The industrial participant cannot use or receive any NSF funds.