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Student: I taught my parents the role of each term from the entry task. Beginning with theconversion of DNA to RNA through transcription by the RNA polymerase. After explaining how the mRNAis produced using the RNA polymerase I remember that the initial RNA produced is also called theprimary transcript and is changed by spliceosomes, which cut out the introns and past together theexons. I also told my parents that Exons are expressed and Intron are In the way. And finally wenton explaining how a polypeptide is made from RNA in a ribosome and that tRNA is the translator, likerosseta stone that changes the RNA nucleotide code to a polypeptide of amino acids.

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Student: I taught my mom about transcription and translation. I taught her about the centraldogma and how DNA becomes mRNA and then a polypeptide. I went over what happens at each part andreviewed the vocabulary that went along with it. By teaching her I better understand howtranscription and translation work. I used the analogy of the pizza truck delivering the aminoacid to the ribosome. I also remember RNA polymerase, codons, and tRNA better after explaining itmore in depth.

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17/12/2017 · ETD 13: A Explain the Role of each in Protein Synthesis: Rna Polymerase, Spliceosomes, Codons, Ribosomes, tRNA

Parent: I learned the somewhat complicated process of protein synthesis. Kate made understandingthis process easier by breaking it down into the terms RNA polymerase, spliceosomes, codons,ribosomes, and tRNA which she explained in depth to me. I found it interesting that RNA polymeraseis able to unwind DNA to form mRNA which is easier to read the code from. I also learned theprocesses of transcription and translation and how these lead to the occurrence of proteinsynthesis.