Methyl bromide and the ozone layer

5.2.4 Sub-populations at special risk People who live in close proximity to greenhouses or to fields or storehouses that are being fumigated have a higher risk of exposure to methyl bromide gas than the general population.

Containment, recovery, recycling and disposal options for methyl bromide

After the first few hours, the concentration of methyl bromide decreased rapidly and, after 4 days, also at 20 m, hourly averages of 0.2 mg/m3 were measured.

Distribution of methyl bromide and bromide in tissues

The main anthropogenic source of methyl bromide is the fumigation of soils and indoor spaces.

Combining the approximate methyl bromide use-pattern data with the currently estimated fraction that escapes to the atmosphere from each use (soils: 80% of use, 50 % emitted; commodities: 15 % of use, <80 % emitted; and structural: 5 % of use, 80% emitted) indicates that about half of the methyl bromide used as a fumigant is emitted into the atmosphere.

Methyl bromide and other fumigants for quarantine control.

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El bromuro metílico se comercializa en forma de gas licuado.

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