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J appl Biosci 2005, 31(2), 114-21.

016535 SHELKE S M, SUSHIL KUMAR, SATI N, VEER V S, BHOSALE S H, BODHANKAR S L, MAHADIK K R, KADAM S S (Dep of Pharm Chem and Dep ofPharmac, Poona Coll of Pharm Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed Univ, Pune-411038) : 7-[(4-Substitutedphenyl-piperazin-1-yl)-alkoxyl]-4-methylchromene-2-ones as potentialatypical antipsychotics: synthesis and pharmacological evaluation.

Coll, Baraut-250 611) : Synthesis and biological activity of some nitronecompounds.

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016481 GOEL S (Dep of Chem, Maharshi Dayanand Univ, Rohtak-124003) : Synthesis of substitutedbenzo[e,B>]-s-indaceno[2, 3-d]pyrazoles.

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The is a potent inhibitor of protein synthesis,and a single molecule within a cell will kill the cell.

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016830 MISHRA O P, INGOLE S P, TIWARI S K (Coll, of Vet Sci anaAnim Husbanary, Anjora, Durg-491 001) : Histological andhistochemical status of the mammary gland of black bengal goatssubjected to natural and synthetic sex steroids treatment.

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DNA synthesis machinery includes genes coding for DNA polymerase, sliding clamp subunit, helicase, and primase. Genes for morphogenesis proteins were identified (capsid, tape measure, tape measure chaperone, tail fibers). DNA packaging genes include terS and terL. Comparison of the Seurat TerL protein to TerL proteins of known packaging strategies suggests that Seurat uses a pac-headful DNA packaging mechanism. For annotation purposes, the genome has been opened to the small terminase gene (). Seurat also encodes a dUTPase to ensure low levels of cellular dUTP through the hydrolysis of dUTP into dUMP and PPi ().

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The PCR, on the other hand, has seen numerous recent applications in pathogen detection and shrimp pathology research. PCR is an method for selective, repeated duplication of a specific segment of DNA. The development of nucleotide sequencing methods, the storage of this information in a computer researchable database, invention of automated oligonucleotide synthesis methods, discovery of thermostable DNA polymerase have all contributed to the rapid implementation and widespread use that PCR enjoys today (), for detecting pathogen directly even in a uncultured manner (; ).

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Indian J chemTechnol 2005, 12(5), 588-92.

016515 PANDEY V K, PATHAK L P, MISHRA S K (Chem Dep, Univ ofLucknow, Lucknow-226 007) : Synthesis and characterisation ofisoquinolinyl quinazolines and a study of their antiviral andantifungal activities.

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Ann PlProt Sci 2005, 13(2), 422-6.

017277 SRINIVASA MURTHY K, VENKATESAN T, JALALI S K (ProjectDirectorate of Biol Control, H A Farm Post, Bellary Road,Balgalore-560 024) : Development of Plutella xylostella (L.) onsemi-synthetic diets and duitability of diet reared host to larvalparasitoid Cotesia plutellae (Kurdyumov).