Hamiltonian Chaos and the Ergodic Hypothesis

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统计力学4——系综理论 一、两大基本假设 各态历经假说 各态历经假说(ergodic hypothesis)由 L.玻尔兹曼于1871年提出。他认为,一个孤立系统从任一初态出发,经过 …

Total energy use cannot grow exponentially beyond the energy budget of the civilization's star, unless such civilizations enter black holes (inner space) and undergo extreme time dilation, a topic we will discuss shortly.

What is the distinction between ergodic and stationary?

Mathematical models for information sources and communication channels, including memoryless, first- order Markov, ergodic, and Gaussian.

We thought that Ergo etymologically suggests a fundamental kind of energy ("erg" zero), e.g., the "Gibbs free energy," G0, that is available to do work because it has low entropy.

The origins of my field, ergodic theory, ..

Neither knew that the ultimate cosmological source of negative entropy is the expansion of the universe, which allowed ergodic gravitation forces to form the Sun.

A Historical Introduction to Ergodic Theory: ..

In the cases of chaotic dissipative structures and life, the ergodic phenomena are more complex, but the result is similar, the emergence of visible information.

The Transcension Hypothesis, John M. Smart, 2011

Ergodic processes (in our new sense of the word) are those that appear to resist the second law of thermodynamics because of a local increase in information or "negative entropy" ('s term).

The RNA World and other origin-of-life theories. by Brig Klyce

We will describe processes that create information structures, reducing the entropy locally, as "ergodic." This is a new use for a term from statistical mechanics that describes a hypothetical property of classical mechanical gases.

Today, research in the RNA world is a medium-sized industry

Computational literature is a course that surveys the evolution poetry and poets have undergone from the end of the Romantic era and the invention of the analytical engine (1833) up until the predicted moment of Singularity (2045)--the advent of artificial intelligence.

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And we are co-creators of the information, including Einstein's "new ideas." Because "negative" entropy (order or information) is such a positive quantity, we chose in the 1970's to give it a new name - "," and to call the four phenomena or processes that create negative entropy "ergodic," for reasons that will become clear.

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Terry Tao is one of the most universal, penetrating and prolific mathematicians in the world. In over 200 publications (in just 15 years) spanning collaborations with nearly 70 mathematicians, he has established himself as a major player in the disparate fields of harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, number theory, random matrices, and more. He has made deep contributions to the development of additive combinatorics through a blend of harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, geometry and number theory, establishing this field as central to the modern study of many mathematical subjects. This work has led to extraordinary breakthroughs in our understanding of the distribution of primes, expanders in groups, and various questions in theoretical computer science. For example, Green, Tao, and Ziegler have proved that any finite set of linear forms over the integers, of which no two are linearly dependent over the rationals, all take on prime values simultaneously infinitely often, provided there are no local obstructions.