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Many introductory textbooks present an overview of the main characteristics of English in its various historical stages and survey the grammatical development of English against the backdrop of its socio-cultural history. is an updated edition of Barber’s classic text. is the fifth edition of another classic; it is rich in its historical detail and sociocultural background and is highly accessible to a wide audience. is a companion book to , which presents many attractive exercises for beginning students. The following selections consist of some relatively recent texts. and are both useful introductory course books that can also be read independently. Whereas Fennell is strongly focused on the development of the language in its changing sociolinguistic setting, is primarily written from a linguistic perspective. is a short overview text that focuses on some of the highlights of the history of English in short chapters. has a quite different format, giving a treatment that is introduced at four different levels of depth, each in a separate book section. is an extremely useful source for textual material from all periods.

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An Investigation into the Academic English Language needs of Students at Yildiz University and Diciplinary Teachers' Attitudes towards English- Medium Instruction at the Tertiary Level. Supervisor: Dr.

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Writing Portfolio Assessment and Inter-Rater Reliability at Yildiz Technical University School of Foreign Languages Basic English Department (2005)

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Wolfram says that dialect awareness and pride maybe a hard sell among the Lumbee. "Unfortunately, the Lumbee havesufferedfrom a kind of linguistic double jeopardy. They gave up their ancestrallanguage heritage to accommodate the political and economic pressuresofcolonial encroachment -- an accommodation that has severely hinderedtheirpursuit of full federal recognition as a Native American group. And,thelanguage they molded is rejected as bad English."

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The Relationship between Progress Tests and the end of Course Assessment Test at Foundation Level at Bilkent University School of English Language (BUSEL).

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"We hope the video and exhibit willdemonstrate how the Lumbee, the largest Native American group east oftheMississippi, have moved from the loss of their ancestral language tothedevelopment of a distinctive English variety that plays an integralrole inshaping a unique, cultural ethnolinguistic identity," Wolfram says. Thevideo will follow the model of his previous successful documentary, , which was both entertaining and instructive.

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Wolfram, along with members of the Robeson Countycommunity, are producing a documentary video about Lumbee English, andwillconstruct an interactive museum exhibit to informally educate residentsand thegeneral public about the historical and current role of language amongtheLumbee.