Thesis statement on Ender's Game about morals.?

No Works Cited What is a good thesis statement for why Ender is a hero What is a good thesis statement for why Ender is a hero?

I need a thesis statement for Ender's Game?

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Ender's Game, Whats a good thesis statement for Ender's Game?

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, many people were at his room where he commanded everybody. the irony involved in the "final examination" or third invasion . when ender explains that he had to win decisively so that no kid would attack him again, colonel graff offers him a place at battle school, a school for the training of young children to become military commanders of the international fleet. at that point he feels as if his entire life he has been manipulated. chooses a child because one of the major points of ender's game is that children are not qualitatively different from adults." do you think that graff was right in his assessment of this aspect of the human condition? device on the bugger's home planet,Which caused a chain reaction which destroyed the planet and all the bugger ships around the. the government allowed ender, a third child, to be born in order to put an end to the bugger invasion. valentine eventually convinces ender to continue with his studies; the earth and valentine are worth fighting for. through his whole time at battle school he played that game, he had killed a. ender has progressively worse nightmares, and the battles themselves get harder and harder, so while ender still wins all of them, he loses more and more ships. many years, when ender was about 22 years old, he went out with a small boy on the new. given what your civilization knows about the buggers and their invasions, what would you do? earth, the victory leads to the revitalization of old rivalries, basically the americans versus the russians."meanwhile, valentine and peter, as demosthenes and locke, are beginning to have real influence in world politics. on earth, ender's siblings valentine and peter have moved to the countryside of north carolina with their parents. this is also true in ender's game, since children manipulate adults frequently, and the entire adult world is counting on a child for salvation. though he wins, ender is furious at major anderson's continued changing of the rules and parameters of the game. ender certainly tries to be good, and he cares deeply about others, but the summation of his attempts to be good could hardly be called so by the end of the novel. after the war that was the biggest change, they went. children are often not taken very seriously, and card wants us to take ender and all of the other children in his book extremely seriously. once they get close enough, they fire the little doctor at the planet's surface. they realized they were severe murderers during the first two invasions. all people are complex creatures filled with conflicting desires and attributes.. valentine made a proposal to ender to go to one of the deserted bugger planets to start a. is promoted into his first training army, salamander army, commanded by bonzo madrid.