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Three variables control parenthesis match display.blink-matching-paren turns the feature on oroff ; nil turns it off, but the default ist to turn match display on.blink-matching-delay says how many seconds towait ; the default is 1, but on some systems it is useful tospecify a fraction of a second.blink-matching-paren-distance specifies how manycharacters back to search to find the matching opening delimiter. Ifthe match is not found in that far, scanning stops, and nothing isdisplayed. This is to prevent scanning for the matching delimiter fromwasting lots of time when there is no match. The default is 12,000.

 Emacs has  of moving by parentheses, but this is the one I find most useful.

In Lisp, automatic matching applies only to parentheses. In C, itapplies to braces and brackets too. Emacs knows which characters toregard as matching delimiters based on the syntax table, which is setby the major mode. See .

[ESS] How to show or find the matching parenthesis - …

The Emacs parenthesis-matching feature is designed to showautomatically how parentheses match in the text.

You will now see a blank window with the cursor at the upper leftcorner and a banner at the bottom displaying Emacs and some otherinformation such as , indicating that the editor isin its Scheme mode.Now typeagain and observe that when you close each pair of parentheses, thecursor bounces to show you the matching opening parentheses.