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Prerequisite: ACM 100 ab or instructor’s permission. Lebesgue integral on the line, general measure and integration theory; Lebesgue integral in n-dimensions, convergence theorems, Fubini, Tonelli, and the transformation theorem; normed vector spaces, completeness, Banach spaces, Hilbert spaces; dual spaces, Hahn-Banach theorem, Riesz-Frechet theorem, weak convergence and weak solvability theory of boundary value problems; linear operators, existence of the adjoint.

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Metric spaces: Convergence and completeness, Uniform continuity and compactness, Baire category theorem and Ascoli-Arzela theorem, Banach's fixed point theorem and its applications; Normed linear spaces: Finite dimensional normed spaces, Heine-Borel theorem, Riesz lemma; Continuity of linear maps, Hahn-Banach extension theorem; Banach spaces, Dual spaces and transposes; Uniform-boundedness principle and its applications; Spectrum of a bounded operator; Inner product spaces: Hilbert spaces, orthonormal basis, projection theorem and Riesz representation theorem.

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Looking ahead towards the next decade it is possible to foresee a duality in the developing scenarios. On the one hand, we might expect further diversity – new patterns of ownership, new forms of group structure, new types of strategic alliance, leading to yet more alternative approaches to corporate governance. More flexible and adaptive organisational arrangements, entities created for specific projects, business ventures and task forces are likely to compound the diversity. Sharper differentiation of the various corporate governance types and the different bases for governance power will be necessary to increase the effectiveness of governance and enable the regulatory processes to respond to reality… But on the other hand, we might expect a convergence of governance processes as large corporations operating globally, their shares traded through global financial markets, are faced with increasing regulatory convergence in company law, disclosure requirements and international accounting standards, insider trading and securities trading rules, and the exchange of information between the major regulatory bodies around the world. (Tricker, 1994: 520)