Here’s a thesis by Dr Stephen Carr Leon on Why the Jews are so ..

Stephen Carr Leon Since I spent about 3 year in Israel for internship in few hospital there, it came to my mind about doing thesis/research of "Why the Jews are Intelligent?"

It goes without denial that Jews are ahead in all aspect of life such as engineering, music, science and most obvious in business where nearly 70% of world trade/business are held by the Jews such as cosmetic, fashion, food, arms, hotels and film industries (Hollywood and others).

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The module will focus on the strategic role that brands play in the successful marketing of products and services. It aims to introduce current academic thinking and business practice of contemporary branding to students introducing key concepts such as brand equity, brand identity and corporate branding. In addition the course aims to introduce and show the actual process of brand management and the issues and dilemmas that contemporary brand managers and stewards have to face. It aims to comprehensively cover these areas and will deal with topics such as brand identity, brand development, brand strategy, organisational support for branding, brand features and personality, brand portfolios and the internet and branding. The focus of the course will be a final presentation and report that students both in groups and as individuals will have to prepare on analysing a failing brand and proposing ideas to reposition and revitalise it. The brand itself will be taken from the contemporary business world and so will provide the students with opportunities to carry out challenging and relevant research.

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Dr stephen carr leon thesis

Computers are tools that people interact with and through for work and pleasure.

Nowadays computers are ubiquitous and are fundamental to all sorts of devices such as washing machines, cars, mobile phones, airplanes, televisions, and musical instruments. However, it is still very difficult to design user interfaces which are simple, intuitive, and easy to use you only have to look at the number of help books (e.g. the proliferation of books with titles such as 'the idiots guide to ') and modules to realise that designers often simply fail to make interfaces usable.

This course introduces you to basic concepts of psychology and communication which inform the way in which interfaces should be designed. The course comprises lectures, problem classes, and lab sessions.