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Thesis submitted to the University of London for the degree of Doctor of A Few Notes on the "Doux Commerce"…30 Mar 2010 In his The Passions and the Interests and in his Rival Views of Market Society, Albert Hirschman names this the "doux commerce" thesis–and Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) | University of the…You are empowered to design and conduct a thesis study to contribute to commerce research.

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We now look at the literature that discusses differing moral consequences of these two models. Starting with the private property order, the need to make a living under conditions of volunteerism and free association requires that people conduct themselves in a manner acceptable to their trading partners. This phenomenon has come to be known as the "doux-commerce thesis." It is the idea that in a market setting, gentle manners, polish, and cordiality are the result of self-interest. Many political theorists have stressed the importance of the doux-commerce thesis including Montesquieu, Smith, Hume, Condorcet, and Thomas Paine.

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