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The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee offers a doctoral program in the Social Foundations of Education, which prompts the student to explore the history and politics of education in urban areas. Students who choose the online option will pay in-state tuition. More information about the program can be found through direct contact at the , or by going to the program website at .

2018 English-given Master Program in Finance

Members are invited to submit their papers and participate in the EFA Annual Meeting, as well as receive a personal subscription to the Review of Finance journal.

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The Master of Science in Finance (MSc) is a research-based Master’s degree program

In conjunction with the EFA Annual Meeting, a one-day Doctoral Tutorial (EFA-DT) is held immediately prior to the start of the conference. The EFA-DT is an intensive and competitive session designed for PhD students in Finance nearing the end of their doctoral thesis. Only the top 8 submissions per year are accepted for presentation.

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The University of Washingtonís doctoral program in history requires a preliminary examination, foreign language proficiency, and a dissertation and oral defense. Students have a wide variety of fields of study from which to choose, including ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient Near East, Russia and Eastern Europe, pre-modern Asia, modern Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, United States, the history of science, and comparative history.

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison doctoral history program is a large and extensive program. Much of the research undertaken in this program is seen as experimental and interdisciplinary, using research methods from subjects such as anthropology, sociology, geography, and international relations.

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The University of Pennsylvaniaís doctoral history program is a small program with an impressive reputation of excellence and in placement of students in employment after graduation. It requires students to complete sixty credits over the course of three years, divided up by twenty credits each.

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Most major universities have history departments offering bachelorís and doctoral degrees. An overview of some of the top-ranked doctoral history programs is given below.

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Financial support will be provided to a limited number of registered doctoral students not sponsored by their institutions.


Please visit our website at to submit a copy of a completed or nearly completed paper or a detailed dissertation proposal (PDF format) by January 20, 2018.

The cover page should include the affiliation, address, phone and email of each author.