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Yeo, Rebecca. 1999, June. A community-based sign language program in Uganda. Paper presented at "Inclusion and Deafness" a seminar organized by the Enabling Education Network, Manchester, England.

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Production notes: The book was written in Lyx with the memoir class (customized to follow Rodopi's book design specs). It was typeset with LuaTeX (and biblatex and biber for the bibliography). The typeface is TeX Gyre Termes (a free Times New Roman clone.) It is a rather large book (over 400 pages), with a large bibliography containing items in multiple languages. Biblatex and biber (which provide full Unicode support) were crucial, especially since Rodopi uses a custom (and strictly enforced) bibliography style.

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“How to Write a Thesis,” by Umberto Eco, first appeared on Italian bookshelves in 1977. For Eco, the playful philosopher and novelist best known for his work on semiotics, there was a practical reason for writing it. Up until 1999, a thesis of original research was required of every student pursuing the Italian equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. Collecting his thoughts on the thesis process would save him the trouble of reciting the same advice to students each year. Since its publication, “How to Write a Thesis” has gone through twenty-three editions in Italy and has been translated into at least seventeen languages. Its first English edition is only now available, in a translation by Caterina Mongiat Farina and Geoff Farina.