What Are the Elements of the Stress-Vulnerability Model?

She suggests that the cognitive theory has reasonable validity for describing the symptoms of depression for nonreferred adolescents, and that the subject's depression is closely correlated with his or her ability to deal with dysfunctional attitudes and beliefs, as well as doubt towards the future.

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Men showed higher levels of appropriate success, inappropriate success, and restrictive emotionality than did women, consistent with a hypothesis that suggested that men are socialized to emphasize success at the expense of emotionality.

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For example, in this scenario, levels of restricted emotionality would be comparable for men and women, and moreover would be comparably related to depression and anxiety; that is, restricted emotionality would be detrimental to the mental health of both men and women.

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This coincides strongly with Beck's Model of Depression and the large problem of female depression in western society. Another interesting study compared Beck's Cognitive Theory against the hopelessness theory of depression in predicting depression in adolescents, done by Lewinsohn et al (2001).

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This finding provided evidence for the Beckian version of the diathesis-stress hypothesis�." (Lewinsohn et al., 2001, p.210) An interesting thing to note is that their positive findings for risk factor support Beck's idea that early experience leads to the formation of dysfunctional beliefs, which other studies have not been able to show.

Claims of the Diathesis Stress Model of Schizophrenia

Males, he believes "run a fairly structured and consistent developmental course� Depressed males often appear either physically awkward or lacking in social/interpersonal skills.

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Her findings were positive in this matter: "Consistent with Beck's Theory, the findings suggest that the negative cognitive triad, cognitive processing distortions, and depressive and anxious thought content, may be specifically related to internalizing versus externalizing problems" (Epkins, 2000, p.205-206).

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Therefore, we see how dysfunctional beliefs tie in at an early age with internalized cognitive thinking, which gives us better insight into how our childhood has a strong correlation to whether or not we will be vulnerable to depression.Since Beck formed his theory, it has catalyzed a lot of work involving cognitive theory and depression, which during the time was rare.