Pichler, Channeling of charge carrier plasmons in carbon nanotubes,

The present study evaluates the mechanical performance of a Hot Mix Asphalt – Type II (HMA-2) modified with carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers (CNTF). CNTF were made by means the Catalytic Vapor Deposition (CVD) technique at 700° C using a Nickel, Copper and Aluminum (NiCuAl) catalyst with a Cu/Ni molar relation of 0,33. In order to properly assess HMA-2 performance, three different mixtures were analyzed: 1) HMA-2 modified with purified CNTF; 2) HMA-2 modified with non-purified CNTF and, 3) a Conventional HMA-2 (control). Samples manufactured in accordance with the Marshall Mix Design were tested in the laboratory to study rutting, resilient modulus (Mr) and fatigue. In addition to the aforementioned dynamic characterization, the effect of CNTF purification on the asphalt mixture’s mechanical properties was analyzed. In short, a comparative study was designed to determine whether or not CNTF should be purified before introduction into the HMA-2. This investigation responds to the growing demand for economical materials capable of withstanding traffic loads while simultaneously enhancing pavement durability and mechanical properties. Although purified CNTF increased HMA-2 stiffness and elastic modulus, non-purified CNTF increased the asphalt mixture’s elastic modulus without considerable increases in stiffness. Thus, the latter modification is deemed to help address fatigue related issues and improve the long-term durability of flexible pavements.

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Utilizing a cathode "based on Field Emission of electrons from a wire covered with carbon nanotubes."Nanolayers"Nanolayers is the commercial name chosen for Dr.

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Dispersion of carbon nitride (C3N4) nanosheets into a nickel phosphorous (NiP) matrix was successfully achieved by ultrasonication during the electroless plating of NiP from an acidic bath. The morphology and thickness, elemental analysis, phases, roughness and wettability for as-plated and heat-treated nanocomposite were determined by scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy and contact angle measurements, respectively. C3N4 showed a homogeneous distribution morphology in the nanocomposite that changed from amorphous in case of the NiP to a mixed crystalline-amorphous structure in the NiP-C3N4 nanocomposite. The microhardness and corrosion resistance of the nanocomposite as plated and heat treated nanocomposite coating were significantly enhanced compared to the Ni-P. The nanocomposite showed a superior corrosion protection efficiency ~ 95%, as observed from the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements. On the other hand, the microhardness of the nanocomposite was significantly increased from 500 to reach 1175 HV200 for NiP and NiP-C3N4 respectively.

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In addition there are a number of processes involving carbon products, including graphite, carbon black and diamond production."Texas InstrumentsThales NanotechnologyA subsidiary of ComGenex, Inc.


applications such as the gentle drying of nano-particles, the isolation of highly effective pharmaceutical agents, the production of spherical ceramic matrices, or micro-encapsulation, as well as efficient and safe spray drying of aqueous and organic solvent-based solutions and slurries."Southwest Nanotechnologies Produces Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNT's) by Catalytic Disproportionation.


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