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Palnitkar covers the gamut of Verilog HDL fundamentals, such as gate, RTL, and behavioral modeling, all the way to advanced concepts, such as timing simulation, switch level modeling, PLI, and logic synthesis.

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Well guess what!!..... your CPLD with your VHDL circuit design will operate exactly the same way as any Digital circuit on a Breadboard would. All the Discrete components or "GATES" will all operate independently of each other. Another way of looking at it.... is that . Your VHDL code design, once it has been flashed to the CPLD, and it has been powered on.....It will run and operate just like a digital circuit made out of discrete logic 7400 series components on a breadboard.....all reacting to digital input signals in real time.


We will see a typical design flow with a large example in the last chapter of Verilog tutorial.

When it comes to Verilog, the synthesis flow is the same as for the rest of the languages. What we try to look in next few pages is how particular code gets translated to gates. As you must have wondered while reading earlier chapters, how could this be represented in Hardware ? An example would be "delays". There is no way we could synthesize delays, but of course we can add delay to particular signals by adding buffers. But then this becomes too dependent on synthesis target technology. (More on this in the VLSI section).

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A digital design is described by an HDL language such as VHDL or Verilog. Shown below in Figure 3 is a 4-bit counter written in RTL VHDL. This design will be used as the example in this tutorial.

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A harmonic signal generator with adjustable frequency, phase and harmonic proportion is designed in this paper.

Key words: ARM 7, (DDS) Direct Digital Synthesizer (AWG) Arbitrary Waveform Generator, function generator

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Table 1 shows which tools were used for the Jazz SBC18HA process. Note that RTL was done in VHDL but the output of the synthesis was in Verilog in order to be compatible with the Jazz libraries for this process. The RTL may be written in Verilog if the designer is more comfortable with it.

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Verilog HDL- A Guide to Digital Design and Synthesis

Digital circuit design has evolved rapidly over the last 25 years. The earliest digital circuits were designed with vacuum tubes and transistors. Integrated circuits were then invented where logic gates were placed on a single chip. The first integrated circuit () chips were () chips where the gate count was very small. As technologies became sophisticated, designers were able to place circuits with hundreds of gates on a chip. These chips were called () chips. With the advent of (), designers could put thousands of gates on a single chip. At this point, design processes ...