For example, of more than 200 records of two-egg clutches followed in the Black Eagle of southern Africa, only one record exists of both chicks surviving to fledging.

That finding was consistent with the conditioned‐reinforcement hypothesis of observing behavior.

The Somax hypothesis is that microfibers also form the layers of connective tissue that surround the muscles. These membranes are normally smooth, allowing the muscles to slide past each other, just as cartilage (another form of connective tissue) allows the bones to move on each other within a joint. We believe that these microfibers prevent the muscles from sliding past each other in order to immoblize the area so that it can recover. They are nature's internal cast. Once the muscles have recovered, the microfibers not only do not go away, they tend to accumulate over time, making people stiffer with age.

(1969b) delay-reduction hypothesis

& Bansinath, M., 1988, Opioid peptides from milk as a possible cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Medical Hypotheses 27:181-7.Randolph, T.

An ultimate increase in the number of tones leadsto a noise-like signal that may hypothetically provide complete informationabout a nonlinearity-impaired DUT, but demands an enormous amount ofcalculation, if a high-order nonlinearity is to be assessed."

Effect of treatment delay on the ..

However there may be problems with an alcohol hypothesis: beer may have appeared after bread and other cereal products, and been consumed less widely or less frequently (Braidwood et al.

Existential Risks - Journal of Evolution and Technology

Though the effects of a typical meal are quantitatively less than those of doses of those drugs, most modern humans experience them several times a day, every day of their adult lives.

When this scenario of human dietary practices is viewed in the light of the problem of the origin of agriculture described earlier, it suggests an hypothesis that combines the results of these lines of enquiry.

Exorphin researchers, perhaps lacking a long-term historical perspective, have generally not investigated the possibility that these foods really are drug-like, and have instead searched without success for exorphin's natural function.

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As the relatively young science of nutrition and the brain evolves, more specific information is sure to become available. What seems clear even now, however, is that diet-related lifestyle changes can be neuroprotective and are worth encouraging in patients. As Sheth says, "Introducing the MIND diet principles can positively affect not only the geriatric patients' neurological health but also their overall health and well-being."

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A test of our hypothesis by correlation of diet and degree of civilisation in different populations will require quantitative knowledge of the behavioural effects of all these foods.

We do not comment on the origin of noncereal agriculture, nor why some groups used a combination of foraging and farming, reverted from farming to foraging, or did not farm at all.