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27. If you are including a Conclusions/Implications section in yourdissertation make sure you really present conclusions and implications.Often the writer uses the conclusions/implications section to merely restatethe research findings. Don't waste my time. I've already read the findingsand now, at the Conclusion/Implication section, I want you to help me understandwhat it all means. This is a key section of the dissertation and is sometimesbest done after you've had a few days to step away from your research andallow yourself to put your research into perspective. If you do this youwill no doubt be able to draw a variety of insights that help link yourresearch to other areas. I usually think of conclusions/implications asthe "So what" statements. In other words, what are the key ideasthat we can draw from your study to apply to my areas of concern.

Use the following steps when preparing for the oral defense of your thesis/dissertation

The same kind of defense applies here as in the previous case, but nowserious comparisons with previous systems are required. Can your resultdo the same examples the previous results did, or can you make them do yours?Can you prove they couldn't do your examples? If you claim to be moreefficient,what are you measuring?

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The first step is to schedule the defense, making sure that all committee members are available on that date and time. The student should review the put out by the (GAS) when scheduling the defense. It is helpful to know the graduation deadlines when discussing plans with the committee.

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You may view/download a one page (pdf; 12 KB). This document discusses some of the topics and expectations that may be part of your thesis defense.

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The department requires an oral defense of the Master's thesis in order to graduate. You may schedule your thesis defense when your major professor and thesis committee have reviewed your thesis, and they indicate it is ready for defense. Do NOT announce your defense date when you first provide the committee with your thesis. It is a rather severe breach of academic etiquette to announce a defense before receiving permission to do so from the thesis committee. This could be a major embarrassment for your major professor.

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The final examination consists of two parts: a public presentation of research and a private oral examination given by the thesis committee immediately after the presentation. Students should at least allow three hours for completion of both the public presentation and private oral examination. Form 152, Acceptance of Dissertation, must be signed by all committee members after successful defense of the thesis.

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Your thesis is not your dissertation. Neither is it a one liner about whatyou are doing. Your thesis is "a position or proposition that a person(as a candidate for scholastic honors) advances and offers to maintain byargument." [Webster's 7th New Collegiate Dictionary]. "I looked athow people play chess" is not a thesis; " people adapt memories ofold games to play new games" is. Similarly, "I wrote a program toplay chess" is not a thesis; "playing chess requires a database ofactual games" is. A thesis has to claim something.

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Once the defense has been scheduled, the student can apply for graduation; website for the Graduation Application is . Information on the graduation process can be found at the web page. In addition to the graduation application link, this web page provides informaton on the rules and regulations pertaining to the awarding of degrees, the graduation calendar, the dissertation manual, information about the deposit of dissertations, fees, and the graduation ceremonies.