Light quantity is the amount of light

The spraying here in western Maryland has been out of control, especially since last fall (kind of a coincidence that the ramping up of these programs started right after the Paris "climate" conferences). I am young and have always tried to stay healthy and active, but over the past couple of years I felt my breathing and energy levels deteriorating. I find my memory and multitasking abilities deteriorating as well. And it is not just me…..I am seeing these problems with just about everybody I know! I am slowly starting to wake a few people up to this subject, but overall most people seem to care more about sports and the latest Hollywood drama. I keep telling them that none of those things are going to matter when all of our food production dies, all of our water is poisoned, and we all become deathly ill from this assault on us. I have even written to my local and state representatives (no response). I am about ready to send a letter in to my local newspaper with hopes they will publish it. Who in the hell gave these Zionist criminals the right to do this to us? Everyone involved in this assault on us will have their judgement day when they leave this earth, and I have a feeling God is NOT going to have mercy on them! Thank you Dane for your courageous effort in exposing this. God bless you!

In general, the more light a plant receives the more food it can produce using photosynthesis

The darkness in some areas has gone on for months at a time. again, man made chemical cloud cover that doesn’t let in sunlight. without sunlight there is no life. I learned about that in grade school when they talked all about the effects of nuclear winters.

Dark for 2 years after dino-killing asteroid

Abstract The effect of prolonged darkness on the photosynthetic apparatus of the cyanobacterium Phormidium autumnale was investigated …

The electrophysiological response pattern of cell can be assessed to evaluate the effect of many biologically active compounds. We illustrate a variety of electrophysiological approaches for the investigations of electrical signaling after chemical treatment . The insights about the Characean model system are likely to hold for plants in general and even deepen the understanding of the plant evolution.

Cymre Brightblade is a level 90 NPC

Global demand for agricultural product is predicted to surpass our production capacity in the near future, and enhancing plant photosynthesis may be a solution for crop yield improvement. To accelerate enhancement we need to know which target(s) should be manipulated for greatest impact, therefore, a modelling tool has been developed. The tool will be able to improve our understanding of photosynthetic manipulation impacts on crop biomass accumulation, which ultimately affects crop yield.

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Chlorophyll is the major regulator of photosynthetic antennae in land plants. Its absence diminishes light harvesting, photoprotection and ultimately photosynthesis. We show that barley mutants lacking chl display impaired stomatal control, which can be restored by temporal shading of the plants. Thus the effects of this mutation extend beyond chloroplast metabolism.

This NPC is the objective of Cymre Brightblade

The bottle garden is a close relative of the biosphere: a tiny garden growing inside abottle, a glass sphere, or a demijohn. The main difference is that soil is the maincomponent not water. The container can be kept sealed or opened like a terrarium. Ourswill be more for just plants whereas the terrarium may have animals. These gardens in abottle, can be cured and perfected as a system, they are also very decorative, in fact youcan treat them as a bonsai with not only a single tree, but whole landscapes. A carefullychosen stone becomes a rock, a small plot of moss represents a great prairie. A contorted,little plant is now a hundred year old tree. Maybe a marsh wetlands with peat moss,mushrooms and ferns is more to your liking. Maybe appropriate succulent plants with sandand rocks for a vast desert landscape. The choice is yours. There is no rigid rule aboutbeing either an open or a closed garden. It maybe useful to keep the lid on to retainwater. Or eventually, the plants grow up and need to hang down the outside.
If the container is always sealed, the challenge becomes quite demanding. In fact, it thenis necessary to obtain an equilibrium between plants and animals in order to keep aneffective cycle of substances and energy, but if this is difficult in a predominantlywater environment, it is even more difficult in a just moist environment. So, the gardenhas to contain a moist soil, plants, little animals like terrestrial isopods (i.e.: sowbug, pill bug), earthworms, etc. Plants have to be resistant to high moisture and have asmall size and limited growth. To avoid roots rotten, you can also try to refer tohydroponics and substitute the ground with small sized expanded clay or with gravel. Inthis case you will have more difficulties in hosting animal species, so it will have to beleft open. It is important you place your garden in a cool and well illuminated place, butaway from direct sunlight. Open or closed, a bottle garden is a fascinating thing, and theidea itself of a little and self-sufficient world is fascinating as well. There are peopleso fond of bottle gardens they work at them a long time, taking care of them using longand thin tools and to observe these environments till they imagine to be one of theirinhabitants.
Then choose among these main options:
1 - Opened bottle garden, containing moist ground, plants and possible little animals. Itis suited for people who love taking care of gardens and who have a flair for
the architecture of little wide spaces.
2 - Opened bottle garden, prepared in hydroponics and containing plants. It is suited forthose who tend to forget to water their plants.
3 - Sealed bottle garden, holding moist soil, plants, and some little animals. Thisexercise is suitable for people who are keen on biology and scientific research. They willhave to find appropriate plants and animals suitable for a sealed ecosystem and will haveto achieve the necessary conditions for a long survival. This research, bibliographic inpart and experimental, will keep students happily busy for long time.
The educational value of these little ecosystems is evident. They can be carried out evenin a school, where the teacher will be allowed to illustrate their characteristics topupils and encourage interesting discussions. In the web sites below, you will findimportant practical information in building your bottle gardens.
Terrariums : Miniature Worlds in a Bottle!
BBC online, how to gardening, bottle garden
Un jardin en bouteille
Le terrarium : Un monde miniature dans une bouteille!
Internet keywords: garden bottle jar, jardin bouteille bonbonne.