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citation »export citation »e-mail citation »fourteen essays that examine a wide range of critical assumptions about the divine comedy (for example, poetic authority, politics, women, and gender).

english translations of dante’s latin works are gathered in alighieri 1925.

citation »export citation »e-mail citation »contains nineteen essays (plus four short critical commentaries) presented at the conference concerned with the influence of the bible on dante and his works.

la corrispondenza poetica di dante alighieri e giovanni del virgilio.

il convivio di dante alighieri riprodotto in fototipia dal codice barberiniano latino 4086.

in addition to those included in dante studies, important abstracts (in italian) of books and essays may be found in the rassegna della letteratura italiana under the rubric dante.

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citation »export citation »e-mail citation »presents a critical text of the inferno with a complete collation of seventeen manuscripts as well as extensive discussion of certain passages in the divine comedy (176 in all) and a description of the more than two hundred codices examined and collated.

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This edition of "The Divine Comedy" features Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's renowned and 135 full-page reproductions of Gustave Dore's classic engravings from the 1867 edition.

The works of Dante Alighieri ..

the immediate success of the divine comedy is manifested in the numerous commentaries that accompanied its transmission via manuscripts; and the almost seven-hundred-year tradition of critical scholarship on dante’s works makes it a complex area of study.

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alighieri has been for many years a favorite figure in popular culture, as may be seen in numerous cartoons that depict hell in ways that recall, often in humorous parody, dante’s vision of the inferno.

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alighieri was a favorite author in england in the 19th and 20th centuries, and his influence is well documented in the essays in verduin 1983, mcdougal 1985, and havely 1998.

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citation »export citation »e-mail citation »nineteen previously published essays concerning the allegorical interpretation of the bible and the divine comedy as well as other related topics.