Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

The following products: DNA Ladder, PCR Reagents, DNA Marker,Protein marker, Precast Gel, Buffer, Mini incubators, Microincubator Shakers,Thermostable Enzymes, and the following services: Gene Synthesis , Oligo Synthesis, Peptide Synthesis, Antibody, Custom Mutagenesis, RNA Products, Custom Immunology Services, Probes, Molecular Biology Services, gene Expression, DNA Sequencing Services, Oligo`s, Taqman Services , Quantitative PCR, Modified Probes, are sold or processed under licensing arrangements with their respected manufacturers and/or providers (Taqman is a federally registered mark of Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.).

chemical custom synthesis of novel and rare  organic compounds at the gram and kg scales

Bionexus Oligo synthesis services provides the widest variety of custom oligonucleotide synthesis of modified, labeled, fluorogeneic 5' nuclease probes and phosphorothioate oligonucleotides.

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• Custom synthesis of peptides, peptides building blocks and peptides fragments

KriSan Biotech has the capability to offer custom synthesis of peptides via solution phase or solid phase synthesis in few grams to hundred grams scale.