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Celtek Peptides provides custom peptides to researchers at universities and institutes, and to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Celtek Peptides has the capacity for both small and large-scale peptide syntheses ranging from milligram to kilogram.

If required, we also offer additional custom chemical synthesis services from our  in India.

No contract research laboratory has more experience in custom synthesis and isotopically labeled compounds. From 14C and 3H radiolabeled clinical trial materials synthesized under CGMP, to stable-labeled active ingredients for metabolism and environmental fate/effects testing, turn to EAG.

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If you would like to know more about our chemistry synthesis services or any of our  and , then please get in touch today.

Our predominantly PhD qualified workforce have completed thousands of chemical synthesis projects. As part of our custom chemical synthesis services, we normally deliver more compound than is ordered, at no extra cost to our customer.

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Start from $3/aa, your peptides are synthesized quickly with Quality Guarantee (HPLC/MS). Biomatik is a leading provider of high quality peptide synthesis service for academia and industry. Through years of service and commitment, we are able to synthesize almost all kinds of peptides that have appeared in the literature, in the shortest possible time frame. We are convinced that our custom peptide synthesis service that will meet and exceed your expectations. Visit our website for customer testimonials and cited publications using Biomatik’s peptide synthesis service.

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Our objective is to develop partnerships with innovative companies, providing a complete range of custom synthesis and cGMP contract manufacturing services, including:

Custom Peptide Synthesis Services.

Our primary objective is to fulfill your need by synthesizing complex organic molecules and fine chemical intermediates. We specialize in custom synthesis of fine chemicals and intermediates, flash column purification and repackaging.

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Durham Organics main activities are the custom synthesis of a wide variety of organic compounds, contract research work, and the development of novel synthetic procedures for compounds of use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and polymer industries. Durham Organics' products are listed in our database. Use the following links to browse Durham Organics' chemicals:.

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Polysciences, Inc. delivers high-quality custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services necessary to accelerate your research and development programs. We provide the skill, experience and chemistry support services for the synthesis of targeted compounds, starting materials, specialized reagents and other compounds for your needs. Custom synthesis of mg to multi-kg quantities of compounds for use in research and development.