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Usually, Fmoc is split off by a short treatment (3 to 5 minutes) with piperidine/DMF (1:4). In general this treatment is repeated and slightly prolonged (7 to 10 minutes). Under those conditions complete deblocking is attained in most cases. Thus, deviations are restricted to cases of sluggish cleavage or base-sensitive sequences.

The cleavage of a sample is also a reliable method to monitor the completion of the Fmoc cleavage.

Peptides are available in milligram to gram quantities, and a range of purities from crude peptides to >98%. Peptides are routinely synthesised from 2 up to 60 amino acids in length, but depending on sequence longer peptides can be synthesised.

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This modified amino acid is obtained when synthesizing peptides with C-terminal Cys.

We specialise in the custom synthesis of synthetic peptides and peptide based molecules, providing a confidential and efficient service at competitive prices.

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Celtek Peptides, a division of Celtek Bioscience LLC, provides custom peptide synthesis services to researchers at universities and institutes, and to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We have a strong commitment to high-quality custom peptide synthesis services. With many years of experience in peptide synthesis chemistry and biology, we can help you with the design and synthesis of your peptides and with technical information that can be useful to your research.

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As mentioned above, the generation and disappearance of Fmoc based chromophors allows the monitoring of the synthesis. Furthermore, samples may be taken to determine the load of Fmoc peptide. The completion of the deprotection reaction may be checked by cleaving samples and analyzing the obtained peptide.

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Peptides sets consisting of overlapping sequences or related peptide sequences are available in 1-100mg quantities and a range of purities from crude peptide to >98% purity. We can cater for a wide range of peptide lengths, synthesis scales and peptide purities, so please contact us and we can quote for your requirements.

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A special paragraph will be dedicated to the problems caused by peptide aggregation in the course of the synthesis. This phenomenon is a major cause of trouble as it is difficult to predict, is sequence dependent and no universal solution has been found up to now.

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We help design and synthesize high purity cyclic, linear and modified peptides using solid or liquid phase. Optimized Fmoc and Boc methodologies are employed for peptide syntheses. The peptides are purified using two HPLC profiles to confirm the required purity. Additionally, each peptide undergoes mass spectrometry analysis to verify molecular weight and amino acid analysis to verify composition. We can synthesize quantities from several milligrams to hundreds of grams in purities of up to 99%.