Sometimes Raskolnikov is not even aware of this influence.

A true organized crime group requires a continuous commitment by its members, although there may be some nonmembers participating for short periods of time.

Majority of women, in Crime and Punishment, such as Sonya were selfless in their actions.

(Ryan, 1995, 1)

Many people confuse the term "organized crime," with the criminal enterprise commonly known as "the Mafia." However, on a broader scale, organized crime simply refers to those criminals who organize their various illegal activities, as opposed to those who commit crimes on a random basis.

Raskolnikov is an impoverished St.

Illegal enterprises and vice operations such as gambling, narcotics, fraud, public corruption, prostitution, pornography, murder for hire, unlawful labor union tactics, outlaw motorcycle gangs, terrorists, liquor law violators, and many other crimes may, depending upon the degree of organization, be included under the umbrella term, "organized crime." (Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department )

By definition, organized crime is a continuous conspiracy for profit, not a haphazard flouting of the law.

These spaces are like coffins; they suffocate Raskolnikov's mind....

However, smart people who avoid using violence and trade very competently and profitably in only one product - for example, ecstasy or cannabis production - thus cannot be described as organised criminals, which would doubtless please them if they thereby received less police attention and/or lighter sentences.

What actually goes on in the mind of a criminal or a sociopath.

In other words, one could sustain some distinction between people who make affluent livelihoods from crime - professional criminals - and those who do so according to Maltzist criteria - organised criminals.

Members of such enterprises generally see crime as their livelihood.

– Research papers on Adam and Eve In Paradise Lost, the differences in the virtues of Adam and Eve are described in order to show how these differences contribute to the fall of Man.

No longer is organized crime the work of one ethnic group.

(Kelland 1987, 355-356)

United Kingdom:

Here, we characterise 'organised crime' as 'enterprise crime', a term that draws attention to the production and distribution of illegal goods and services (Naylor 1997), activities that require considerable skills in planning and organisation as well as extended networks of participants, and are organised in infinitely variable ways ...

Organised Crime Around the World, Helsinki.Albanese, Jay (1989).

(...) While the majority of crimes are poorly planned, frequently violent and generally not enormously financially rewarding, organized crime, committed by rational and intelligent individuals, is well planned and always aimed at an immense financial gain.

(1978), Fact, fancy, and organized crime, The Public Interest No.

(Kaldor, 2006: 2) [submitted by Daniel George, King's College London]

United Kingdom:

Organized crime has been described as the product of self-perpetuating criminal conspiracies to wring exorbitant profits from our society by any means - fair or foul, legal or illegal - and undoubtedly vast profits have been made from well-organized international ventures.