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Note: If you use the with STRING1 and the above expression it will return the match (compatibl. The literal ( essentially anchors the search - it simply says start the search only when an ( is found. The following .* says the ( may be followed by any character (.), zero or more times (*) (thus compatib are essentially random characters that happen to appear in this string - they were not part of the search) and terminate the search on finding an l literal. Only the ( and l are truly part of the search expression.

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The "" command is in many ways like ""except it is designed to . That is it's primarypurpose is to read images (or animations), one file at a time, and modifythem, before save the image back into the the imagewas read from. Because of this...

A comma should rarely go before the first parenthesis

With ImageMagick version 6, the operators will always be applied in thecommand line order as given by the user.

As 'operators' they are also performed immediately when seen on the command line. They only add new images to those already in memory, but do not touch those previously read.

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As we are only needing basic information we used the control to prevent identify from reading in the whole image. It has no effecton the outcome in this case, but can speed up the command enormously.

for example: Movement one, Langsam

As options multiplied, multiple options started to be used, the order of theoptions started producing weird and uncontrollable results. To users IMbecame known as unstable and uncontrollable when multiple image processingoptions was used, and it started to fall into disfavor.

Comma required before because or not?

Because of this the command may not even read an image into memory, but mayuse secondary programs outside IMproper to do the conversion directly. This completely external aspect howeverhas fallen into disuse over time, and lack of need, except as a means ofreading in and writing out complex images file formats.

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Note also that the ""setting also works differently to that of either "" or"" and "". In ""this will cause the overlaid image to be tiled across the whole of thebackground image. Something not yet available in other IM commands.

-> does that mean that the problem is the comma

The "" command is the main workhorse of ImageMagick, andas such just about every set of examples in these pages uses this command. Assuch I will not cover the use of this command much here, but look at a littlehistory instead.

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The only difference is that when the end of the command is reached (other thatthe final output image filename argument), "" will start toprocess the image list into a thumbnail image index page(s), according tothe settings that are currently set.