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Example 1: The festival was to be held today it was canceled because of the rainy weather. (comma and coordinating conjunction)

No space before or after a comma when followed by a closing quotation mark:

This means you can specify a "" containing image specific longbefore the image it is to be applied to is actually read in. Only when thelabel is actually attached to the image (just after it is read in) is the expanded,so that it can make use of the attributes of the image to which it is beingapplied.

want to put commas before a parenthesis, ..

No space before or after a comma used to separate triads in numbers (see Note 2 in ):

The colon is generally used to introduce vertical lists. When the sequence of a list is random or arbitrary, the various elements may be simply indented or set off with bullets or em dashes:

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This specification uses various internal properties to define the semantics of object values. These internal properties are not part of the ECMAScript language. They are defined by this specification purely for expository purposes. An implementation of ECMAScript must behave as if it produced and operated upon internal properties in the manner described here. The names of internal properties are enclosed in double square brackets [[ ]]. When an algorithm uses an internal property of an object and the object does not implement the indicated internal property, a TypeError exception is thrown.

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The rationale behind this design was to keep the implementation of Strings as simple and high-performing as possible. The intent is that textual data coming into the execution environment from outside (e.g., user input, text read from a file or received over the network, etc.) be converted to Unicode Normalised Form C before the running program sees it. Usually this would occur at the same time incoming text is converted from its original character encoding to Unicode (and would impose no additional overhead). Since it is recommended that ECMAScript source code be in Normalised Form C, string literals are guaranteed to be normalised (if source text is guaranteed to be normalised), as long as they do not contain any Unicode escape sequences.

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is not a valid ECMAScript sentence and is not altered by automatic semicolon insertion before the token, even though no production of the grammar applies at that point, because an automatically inserted semicolon would then be parsed as an empty statement.

Apostrophe Catastrophes: Apostrophe After a Close Parenthesis?

When a , , , or token is encountered and a is encountered before the next token, a semicolon is automatically inserted after the , , , or token.